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There are many factors that play a great roll in keeping a home safe, watertight and reliable for the years to come, and one of these major factors is the roof over your head! Many roofing companies suggest that your home should be inspected atleast once a year and ideally twice a year.

According to Doityourself.com  your roof should be inspected twice a year, Your roof is the ultimate barrier between you and the elements outside, if any flaw is present in your roof, the rest of your home will pay the consequences!

Things such as : Shingle blow off, metal flashing damage, chimney damage, ridge cap blow off all are potential cause of leak.

What can a simple leak do to your home?

Attic & Ceiling : damage ceiling paint will often begin to darken and ceiling plaster will bubble, in severe instances an entire ceiling can collapse.

Mold & Mildew : If a leak is present for a long period of time, one of the more serious consequences are the development of mold and mildew, these harmful growths can spread through out the home leaving resulting in a dangerous living space. Mold can also end up in hvack systems and spread in to living rooms, on to furniture, carpet and even your clothing!

Fire Hazards : Water often finds its way into places that are thought to be water tight, in some instances water can end up in electrical wiring causing a shortage and resulting in a fire. This is especially true for those who have electrical wiring in present in their attics.

Depletion of insulation : If water is present for a even a short period of time and ends up in the insulation, This cause water intrusion and deplete insulation majorly, this can even cause for a higher utility bill.

Structural Damage : This is the more obvious damages of the bunch, ceiling joints and roof rafters will begin to rot and eventually decay if exposed to water long enough, if this occurs your home is in danger of a week structure support and should be evaluated immediately.

How You Can Prevent Further Damages

If you ever find your self In a situation where your roof has a leak , hear are a couple tips that you can take immediately, to ensure no further damages occur until the time a roofing professional can come and repair or replace the roof.

Colk/Sealant : If your leak is potentially from a damages metal flashing arounf a pipe stack or wall or chimney, buying some colk and applying it to the exposed area will water tight it long enough till you can have it repaired by a professional.

Tarp/ Felt : If your Roof was affected by a high wind storm and shingles blew off Buying a roll of 15 pound felt and a box of cap nails will keep your roof from being exposed until repair can be taken place, a tarp will do just fine as well. Remeber water flows (down) so when applying your felt or tarp be sure to tuck it under what ever is above your damaged area so that water will flow off the corresponding shingle and over your felt and not under it.

According to BestFortWayneRoofing ,  insurance companies will cover your damages under certain circumstances such as: Hail damage, blown off shingles and shingle deficiency if occurred with in a certain amount of years. ( typically 10 years )

If its time for your homes yearly inspection, or your roof is in need for an inspection please contact us today and schedule a inspection threw Cascade Home Inspections!

Learn How You Can even Perform a safe Inspection Your self of Your Roof By watching this Video.


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